Create the best version of yourself joyfully and honestly!

In a rut, mentally, physically & emotionally, unable to move forward

I inspire & support people to have Wellness, Balance & Energy so they can smash their goals with confidence.

I have a passion for helping people feel at their best. Giving them confidence to conquer anything and being at peace with past trauma and emotions and creating new belief systems that serve my clients to have a happy and healthy life.

To do this, we start with looking into their past and finding any past trauma’s, either big or small, that have created the belief system that they currently hold.

Most of our belief systems are set in place before the age of 6. This includes conception, in utero, the birth and up to the age of 6. It is these sub-conscious beliefs’ that hold us back in life.

If you think about it, our children are like little sponges, they are learning constantly and they take on everything that we tell them. If the conception is unexpected, pregnancy was not pleasant and the birth was unexpected, eg – Induction, C section, drugs etc and the childhood was difficult, this has a major effect on how the child grows up and what belief system they have eventually as an adult.

Even if the birth was textbook and the childhood was technically fine, we all go through things in our lives that shape us.

We don’t have to go through big trauma to have negative beliefs. Some negative beliefs come from something as simple as a look of disapproval for something that we did. That “look of disapproval” gets embedded in our sub-conscious minds and we do anything in our power to not get that “Look of disapproval” again. This results in a limiting belief that holds us back in life and stops us achieving what we really want to achieve in either our personal or professional lives.

Thankfully, through using EFT & Martix Reimprinting we can change this belief system.

They say, it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting can be used on anyone. It is a very gentle structured approach and works very quickly, letting you be at peace with past emotions so that you are able to move forward in your life, free of toxic thoughts and beliefs that do not serve you.

The types of things that I work with my clients on is unexpected birth events, childhood abuse, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, phobia’s, bullying, grief, stress, depression and anxiety.

I also work with clients to reduce worry about things that are currently happening for them. It could be that they are working on a big project or have a speech to deliver that is creating unease in their bodies.

We can shift that negative energy from anxiety, stress and worry to a sense of calm and acceptance so that you are able to go out there and nail your goals.

All of these feeling are caused by unresolved trauma (either big or small) and can be resolved so that you can be at peace with your past.

This approach results in “greater love & acceptance, greater self-worth and greater futures for my clients”.