Pricing & Packages

New client session: $150 (allow 90mins)

In this session I will explain the process to you and together, figure out what the core issue is and make a plan of how we will move forward.

I will show you the techniques that I use (EFT & Matrix reimprinting) and work on 1 aspect to reduce some negative energy that you are feeling.

You will walk away feeling lighter and more able to tackle life.

But remember, this is just the start.

To feel the best you can, I recommend going on a journey with this. Knocking 1 aspect off at time, you will feel better each time you revisit your past.

New client follow up session: $120 (allow 60 mins)

You need to have had a “New Client Session” first.

In this session we will work on more aspects of your past and really get to the nitty gritty of what has caused the core issue. We work through one aspect at a time in a really structured way.

If you would prefer to pay for multiple sessions at once, prices are below.

3 sessions $330

6 sessions $600

In the initial session we will work out how many sessions may be required.

(note: as we start delving in and opening up that can of worms, the number of sessions may change based on what arises)

Birth Trauma Package: $330

Matrix birth reimprinting is an amazing tool to use on your children’s births as well as your own birth.

Our births have so much bearing on the rest of our lives. Most of our beliefs are formed before the age of 6 and this includes in-utero and also birth. Which makes it imperative that we reverse any negative or limiting beliefs that are formed from this experience, so we can live a full and happy life.

So, you are not only doing something for yourself in investing in this package, you are also giving your child the best start in life, free of negative limiting beliefs that if not reversed will affect them throughout their lives.

This package includes 3 sessions (if needed). In these sessions we will work through the process, gently releasing negative emotions. We will clear any negative emotions like fear, anxieties, anger, and we will also find negative beliefs that have been created as a result of the birth trauma.

If more than 3 sessions are needed, we will talk about cost for the extra sessions.