We highly recommend Charlotte as a Wellness Coach; as a student she was excellent in all areas and highly engaged and passionate about her coaching. Charlotte has worked with a number of clients through our college and we’ve been able to witness the enormous impact she has on others lives. Charlotte is a compassionate, intuitive and kind soul all of which makes her a wonderful coach

Leanne Cooper, Director, Cadence Health

Charlotte is a fantastic Health and wellness Coach and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking more health, balance and calm in their lives, as she has helped me immensely with many aspects of my life. If you feel stuck in any area, Charlotte has the skills to help you move forward


I really enjoyed the session, it felt easy to talk about what I wanted to change, I felt listened to and it was fun. I left the session feeling positive and valued.

Charlotte is a very positive and passionate person. I believe as a coach she will always listen and value her clients. Charlotte really wants to work with her clients and empower them towards positive change. She is organised and respectful. I look forward to working with Charlotte in the future


Thank you Charlotte! Such a an amazing, patient and helpful coach, Charlotte has helped me develop and STICK to a yoga routine, which is something I was struggling with by myself as well as giving me the motivation to develop my own meal plans so I can expand my range of foods and eat more “by the seasons”. Highly recommend!!


Amazing well grounded lady with a compassionate and patient personality:)


Charlotte Walsh is compassionate, kind, relatable, supportive and an excellent listener. She helped me to think about my values and how these align with my overall vision. After my session with Charlotte, I had clarity and clear goals and actions and I felt confident, excited, motivated and inspired to move forward in my health journey. I loved Charlotte’s approach and felt really at ease during our session. She has a beautiful nature and a warm heart. I highly recommend Charlotte. She is a fabulous coach 


Charlotte is totally able to tune in to whatever you need to work on… be it stress, life, health issues, and help you make a plan to start you on your journey. Charlotte has so much to offer anyone who needs that nudge in the right direction 


I met Charlotte today after winning a competition. I can’t even begin to say how much she has helped me in one session. Her insight and ability to tap into your journey is amazing and inspiring. Her kindness radiates from her smile and her ability to put you at ease is evident in how relaxed I felt after one session. I’m going to continue to see Charlotte as I see huge benefits in both my personal and professional life. Thanks again x

“I did two Birth Matrix Reimprinting sessions with Charlotte. She was
professional and patient with each session and guided me through the
process confidently.
Each time I felt a shift in my feelings about the birth and what
happened. Considering each birth ended in an emergency c-sec this was
significant. Many of the negative feelings I had around my firstborn’s
birth have changed significantly and now when I think about it I feel
calm and accepting. I’m so glad I went through the process with
Charlotte and recommend anyone to consider using her to resolve any
trauma or negative feelings from their birth experiences. Thank you,
“How we process life and view ourselves in the world is based on a
lifetime of experiences. In particular, our birth experience has a
magnified impact and influence. Sometimes a traumatic, negative birth
experience turn into limiting beliefs that simply prevent us living our
best life. Charlotte’s logical and structured approach of revisiting
these birth events to reassess them and see them in a new context has
made a huge impact upon my well-being. I guess, you could sum it up as a
process of remembering trauma, feeling the buried discomfort,  and then re-imagining with a new positive memory. This is the basis of Matrix
Birth Re-imprinting. Most importantly it absolutely works and is permanent.
I thoroughly recommend (and truly thank) Charlotte. 
“Having been skeptical of this type of thing for a long time, i finally
decided to give it a go. After losing my sister as a young adult, i
realised i had bottled up my grief and other feelings for so long, i
hadn’t actually dealt with them. One session with this incredibly
compassionate, kind and caring lady was all it took to feel free again.
I cant thank you enough Charlotte, for making me a believer in energy
change and letting go of things that sometimes we don’t always know we
are clinging to.  I fully back this woman, to any of you sitting on the
fence like i was, take the plunge, you wont regret it, all you will
regret is not doing it sooner. xx” 
“I met Charlotte today,she has a warm nature about her and helped me
open up to release some hurt,stress and pain I had inside.Charlotte is
so easy to talk to and I felt really comfortable with her. I will
definitely be going back” 
“I never met anyone more passionate about what she is doing! Patience to succeed and a passion to help people in wellness.”